Hey sis! Let’s get a little deep this week. It has been weighing on me to share a small part of my story. There has been plenty of times where I was lost. Stuck at crossroad not knowing which direction to take. Not knowing if I really truly had anyone in my corner. I know we all will get to that point in life, you may be there now. Just know that you are not alone.


I use to get to the point I would just shut down and push the people closest to me away. With no explanation or real reason.
Around graduate school, I was on my own for real, for real for the first time. Living in a different state, no family and no friends to run too. It was my moment and time to get my ish together. I had reached a very dark place, though it didn’t show through my physical appearance. I was depressed, lonely and angry. I wasn’t happy when I looked in the mirror, I hated the women I had become. Daily I would do self-reflections. Taking time to figure out points in my life that so called broke or brought me down. Putting missing pieces together or coming to terms with various situations.


You cannot harvest on the past or it will continue to contaminate your present and future. Do what you have to do to release the anger, hurt, disappointment and regret. Rather it be praying, breaking things, screaming, crying or simply writing it out As long as you get it out. Once you have let it out, leave it there, don’t look back. Most of all build a support system, people you trust. Where you all can motivate and push each other to be greater.


Take time for yourself. Figure out who you are. Your purpose, what drives you. What feeds your soul. When you have found yourself, your life will take a turn in a more positive direction. You will start to look at things differently, react differently and move differently.

So, sis take time to find you!


Author: Do you, sis!

Hey sis! My name is Bianca Patrice. Just want to share my thoughts and help motivate young women like myself. If I can help reach one soul, my purpose is fulfilled.

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