Don’t box me in! 

Hey sis, so today this piece isn’t just for you, it’s for the men too (hey bro!). How many times have you seen posts with “women ain’t nothing but hoes and tricks and all men are dogs”. (Hi mom!) 

Let’s stop this right here. When will you stop letting one person represent an entire group? My friend, you have some soul searching and healing that you need to reach first. Before you can ever have a successful relationship with the opposite gender or same gender, whatever you rock with. 

It’s going to end before it can ever begin because of your negative connotation to all men or women. 

As soon as it’s vice versa and someone tries to label you for one persons’ mistake. I guarantee you will be the first one fussing, cursing and trying to defend yourself for a misrepresentation. Simply due to one persons’ horrible experience. 

So many relationships fail now a days due to bringing negative energy into the next. Not fully healing from the past one and trying to recover by adding some one new into the equation. Like covering a scratch that’s not bleeding with countless bandaids instead of letting it get some fresh air. You must take time for yourself. Figure out why the relationship didn’t work, what you do want, expect, need and to prepare yourself in every possible way. So, when your person does find you or you find them you’re ready for them. Without all the extra baggage.

A person will always show you who they really are at some point. Everything isn’t going to be butterflies, smiley faces and sunshine. Don’t get blinded by what you may assume as love. That you end up missing the red flags and warning signs. Then 6 months later you don’t understand why they did you so wrong. Thus, have you feeling that everyone else is the same. In return you just hurt back, so someone else can take the pain and burden from you. You will end up stuck in an never ending cycle. Who wants to be 50 years old screaming in the club, “men ain’t nothing but dogs or women just want me for my money”. Grow up and heal! 

So, sis and bro take some time to remove the negativity from your life. Prepare your heart for the love that you deserve!


Author: Do you, sis!

Hey sis! My name is Bianca Patrice. Just want to share my thoughts and help motivate young women like myself. If I can help reach one soul, my purpose is fulfilled.

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