Ditch your girls! 

You met him. You two click, it’s a great vibe. It seems like you have known him your entire life. He gives you butterflies. You want to spend every spare moment with him, to make up for all the time you’ve been just simply waiting on this feeling. He even has you dodging your girls and making up excuses of why you can’t hang out.Wait, what?!?
I get it, I’ve been there sis! You are trying to establish this potential of happily ever after. Listen, sis if this man is truly for you. He will get it and he will wait. You don’t want to become the friend that only hits up her girls to finally hang because you’re mad at your man, or this is the 3rd night this week he has left you at home while he is hanging out with his boys. What sense does it make to be at home alone doing absolutely nothing, while he is out having fun?
I believe that it’s possibly embedded in women’s DNA to constantly prove to a man that we have his back no matter what. Even, if that includes losing part of ourselves to prove our loyalty to him. So loyal to the fact, that we forget about ourselves. Remember you had your own thing going on before you two met and likewise for him. With any successful relationship comes balance and maintenance.
So, sis it’s okay to be away from your man for a couple of hours to get that quality girl time in. The heart grows’ fonder with some time apart. Don’t get so caught up in life and your relationship. That you forget about the ones that been down way before he came around. 


Author: Do you, sis!

Hey sis! My name is Bianca Patrice. Just want to share my thoughts and help motivate young women like myself. If I can help reach one soul, my purpose is fulfilled.

3 thoughts on “Ditch your girls! ”

  1. Hey Sis and fellow sisters!! I’m Naven Williams and I’m honored to be apart of this and hope for bonds for life in sisterhood. Let’s talk Ladies!!!

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  2. I think this happens quite often. The sad part is we don’t really realize that we are doing it until a friend says something to us. I have been married for four years, and I still make sure I make time for my sisters. It’s because, I know that there is a part of me that I don’t ever want to loose. Thank God he does not want me to loose it either, so he will push me out the door to go hang with the girls because he knows that we need that.
    This is a very good topic. Glad I could be a part of it. Go head B, do the thang!!!

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