With this reality tv already being a hot mess, causing people to suffer from distinguish what is real and what is false now a days. It has reached an all time low with “Real Sidechicks of Charlotte”. Woah, skrrrrrrrt, that’s where we are in society?!?
Hey sis and bro! Yes, fellas this is another one for you too. Today, it feels like being exclusive with one person now a days is rare. Especially with temptation so accessible through social media. If, you are an adult, not dating with a purpose, my friend, you are being selfish and wasting someone’s time. Just continue to be single and do your own thing. No wonder so many people are hurt these days. 

By engaging and entertaining another person, you are crossing the line of respect for your relationship. When two people come together in a relationship, they enter to build and grow with one another. How do you expect to grow if you’re with someone while giving yourself to others? It could be so simple as texting another man or woman that you know feels some type a way for you. Cheating isn’t just physical, it comes in many different forms. Before doing something, think how would you react if your partner did it to you. 

Now sis, let’s switch gears a little bit. Since when did being a side chick become a “norm”? I don’t know how many times I’ve heard the justification; “no, he is OUR man!” Do you not feel that you deserve for one man to love just you and only you? Remember, you are a Queen and your King will never devalue you and treat you like a peasant that only gets him part time! Don’t lower your values or standards to accept your man having a side piece so you can stay together. If he truly loves you and treasures what you two have built he will give it all up, so that he won’t lose you. 

Remember, sis and bro, there are boundaries that should not be crossed especially if you value the one you’re with. So, take your time and make sure it’s right before giving someone a title of value! 


Author: Do you, sis!

Hey sis! My name is Bianca Patrice. Just want to share my thoughts and help motivate young women like myself. If I can help reach one soul, my purpose is fulfilled.

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