Hey sis! What drives you and motivates you to keep going? What makes you wake up and go to sleep content at night? Have you found your purpose, or still trying to figure it out? 
I’ve known for while what my purpose was, well is for that matter. Though it took me 26 years to fully accept and come to terms with it. Let me share for those who are still seeking. Since I was young I just loved helping people, making people feel better about themselves. For the past couple of years I felt empty. Though, I was finally working in my career field that I’ve always dreamed about and doing my thing as a young professional black woman. You would think that was it, I made it. Nope! I didn’t have that feeling. Like an itch, that I couldn’t scratch. So annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I love my career and I love helping my clients learn how to communicate and eat. But it just wasn’t enough. 

Until one day, I had a self talk with myself. Reaching a point of, what really inspires me and motivates me. Which is writing and providing motivation to others. I truly believe my purpose is to motivate and encourage others especially young women. I literally attract people who just need help, advice on the daily. Like all I can say is hello and I’m getting a total life story. Seriously, I can be sitting at park and just having a basic conversation and it turns into something much deeper. My great-grandmother always would tell me I had a calming spirit, that makes others feel at ease. At first, it use to be a lot for me to handle, though once I’ve learned to balance and stop running. I finally felt peace within, knowing that I have impacted one person.

When you have truly figured out what your purpose is. It brings a whole new meaning to life. It fulfills and consumes you. You feel better it gives you a clearer perspective. So sis, if you are still at a crossroad, take some time and make a list. Even if you have to try out a couple of different things. Please, whatever you do, don’t settle! As always, do you sis! 


Author: Do you, sis!

Hey sis! My name is Bianca Patrice. Just want to share my thoughts and help motivate young women like myself. If I can help reach one soul, my purpose is fulfilled.

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