Loneliness is dangerous! 

Hey sis! Are you living the single life? Are you over the single life? Are you up late at night just thinking about the past? The things you could’ve did, the things you could’ve changed? Even considering taking that “old thang” back? All I can say is please move cautiously.
Often times when we are single we go through phases. One phase, we can title this freedom. You may have just gotten out of a long relationship or a short relationship. It could’ve ended mutually or disastrously. But when it ended, it was like a weight lifted off your shoulders. You have the momentum now of I can conquer the world or climb a mountain. That, I need a new start let me cut my hair off freedom! Nothing can stop you! You’re just out enjoying life with no worries, no care because you can breathe again. 
Then there’s another phase let’s call this value. This is when we start reevaluating our previous relationship. In terms of where did it go wrong, how we could’ve went about it differently or what do I need to work on. We try to take this time to ourselves so that we can be more ready for the next person. This phase is very ideal but some of us may not really reach this point yet or ever make it for that matter. Leading us into a totally different phase.
This dangerous phase is loneliness. Where we are tired of not getting good morning texts, late night conversations or someone that we can go out with on a consistent basis. So, it comes to the point of desperation and willing to settle for anything. Just to have a warm body to lay under. It’s like you’re wearing rose colored glasses to change your current reality to something that we see in the movies or social media. You know this person has caused you nothing but pain and hurt but you find yourself right back with them so you don’t have to be alone. Even though they may be only giving you a piece of them while your trying to give them all of you. Or, you could be settling for any man that approaches you and gives you the slightest attention. Without even taking the time to see if he really deserves the attention back. Therefore, due to driving by all the stop signs and running red lights. You find yourself right back at lonely. 

Sis, you are worth way more than that. Remember your value. At all times you need to be given what your worth is, in every way possible. It’s ok to be by yourself. Take the time to get to know you, your wants and needs. Also, learning what you truly have to offer. Most importantly sis, you have to love yourself first before you could ever love anyone else. Always remember your crown never comes off regardless of status. 


Author: Do you, sis!

Hey sis! My name is Bianca Patrice. Just want to share my thoughts and help motivate young women like myself. If I can help reach one soul, my purpose is fulfilled.

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