Essence of DatingĀ 

Hey, sis! When is the last time you went on a real date? No, I don’t mean just going over his house and kicking it. I mean he called you, asked you to accompany him to dinner and a nice time. Or, do people even go on dates anymore?

The art of dating is slowly diminishing right before our eyes. Due to our generation accepting less and less to simply be with someone. Just like anything in life, you have set standards for yourself and never settle. So, why should you settle with love?
A man with business, a man with purpose, a man with identity is not going to hide behind a phone. He knows what he wants and is going to go after it. Just like a lion, the king of the jungle, when he has found his queen he will not stop until she is completely his.


It’s like oh you met him, you guys instantly clicked. He passed on the surface; fine, job, car and own place. Let’s look past that. What sets him apart? How is he pursuing you? How is he setting you apart from the rest? How is he showing that you are his queen? Is he really showing that he is invested in getting to know you, the real you?
Now a days people are so quick to say, “I don’t chase”. Let’s take a step back. Think about our parents, our grandparents, our great-grandparents. When a woman caught a man’s eye, he took time to find and impress her. Take her out, show her that he was serious about building and investing in each other’s growth. They didn’t have the time to hide behind a phone and just go in someone’s DMs. They took the shot and if they missed they just kept shooting, because she was worth it.

So, sis push your crown up. Remember your worth. Let that man pursue you!


Do you, sis!


“Wasting Time”

Sis, I know you probably have said, “I’m only talking to older guys…..guys my age aren’t about anything”. Just know maturity has no age.

It truly depends on the man. Their experiences and if they simply are tired of running games. Think of a flower, it’s not going to bloom unless you water and give it sunlight. So, a man isn’t going to change ways until he realizes he isn’t growing anymore.

That’s why its important to remain true to yourself at all times. Don’t ever alter and change your beliefs, values and who you really are to fit into “this mans'” image. To only simply be with him for a moment in time. Having to repeat the cycle all over again.

If he is truly meant for you. When you two come together, you will each fit like puzzle pieces. The connection will be unimaginable. You won’t even be able to phantom or remember the nonsense you went through with the so called others. Out of state, out of mind.

Do you, sis!



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Hi sis!! So, this is my very first blog. I wanted to create something that I could reach other young women who just need motivation in life. Ranging from anything life, love, work and etc. I love to encourage others. I hope that you ladies enjoy!post